Green and Sustainable Construction

Transforming the Built Environment

Sustainable construction by Brock Smith’s definition is the idea that a home should be built in ways that do not use irreplaceable resources or damage the environment, that they should reduce power from fossil fuel sources, and that they should enhance the health and well-being of the people who live there.

Brock has always been on the leading edge of innovation with his sustainable methods and smart uses of green and modern construction techniques. His homes are often outfitted with a combination of solar energy and geo-thermal heat pump systems, insulating concrete forms, radiant floors, reclaimed and recycled materials, and advanced home automation.

He builds three and four-star environmentally-friendly homes “not to just put a sticker on them,” but to create an economically efficient structure that is functional, comfortable, and livable. He does all of this while accommodating your dreams, family, and lifestyle.

Transforming the environment. One Custom Home at a time.

Why Brock Smith


Reclaimed Materials and Resources

Lumber, Timbers, Beams, Flooring

Brock Smith is proud to provide your project with reclaimed wood products which are an outstanding and responsible alternative to conventionally or even sustainably-harvested lumber, helping to ensure that natural resources will be available in the future.

Brock concentrates on locally sourced wood that is often reclaimed from 100+ year-old structures. Architects are readily incorporating these products into his homes because of their timeless character and inherent beauty. They have become a major component of environmentally responsible building practices.

He especially enjoys creating beams, posts, mantles, and floors of reclaimed wood which has a warm, aged look that is not available with other products. Homeowners are pleased with the charm of an oversized mantle, posts and beams from a century-old wharehouse, or a floor of reclaimed barn wood, helping make their new Custom Home the exceptional dream home they have envisioned.

Conserving the environment. One beam at a time.

Brock’s Team


Architectural Steel

Striking and Functional Components

Brock Smith is excited to provide your custom home with innovative and functional steel elements for aesthetic appeal and daily use. He partners with architects and designers to create unique handcrafted solutions that will accomodate your home’s design theme and budget.

Brock’s emphasis is on creating steel features that incorporate both art and architecture. He has utilized a wide array of steel components including custom designed railings, staircases, countertops, hoods, doors, and fireplace wraps, plus exterior steel roofing, sheathing, and decking.

Commercially available products are often not the best solution for design concepts. Custom handcrafted solutions can more effectively complement the beauty and character of your home. Steel will make your home the envy of the neighborhood and increase its value.

Go ahead and think unconventionally whether your ideas are minimalistic or intricate, decorative or functional. Imagine the perfect eye-catching centerpiece that emphasizes the essence of your home that will turn heads and create conversation.

Imagine the piece that you are envisioning. That you just have to have.



Lighting as Functional Art

Custom Designed and Fabricated

Lighting is often thought of as simply being a functional part of a home, but a light fixture can serve as a work of contemporary art that becomes a fundamental piece of a room’s design.

Brock Smith is pleased to provide innovative and unique custom lighting solutions to enhance everyday life in your new home, not just illuminate it. His lighting partners, designers, and architects collaborate to design and fabricate complementary fixtures that will uplift your senses through the warmth and clarity of light.

It’s not only about how lights look, but how they perform. Brock is adamant about using eco-friendly technologies in the homes he builds. The latest lighting trends use fixtures made from recycled and sustainable materials, and LED bulbs that last longer and use less energy.

Homeowners are pleased with the solutions Brock has provided including flushmounts, sconces, overhead and recessed lighting, chandeliers and pendants plus outdoor fixtures, all intended to beautify the space they illuminate.

Whether as a decorative statement, or just to add illumination, custom lighting will add that special touch to your new home.

Why Brock Smith


Sensible Outdoor Living Spaces

Fireplace, Barbeque, Dining, Relaxation

To bridge the divide between indoors and out, Brock Smith believes your backyard, porch, or patio should support everyday life, not just supplement it. He creates beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces in the homes he builds for his clients to enjoy through all four seasons.

Much has been made about the outdoor spaces of modern homes, but Brock continues to design and build them around the personality and needs of homeowners, taking into account their future use and family growth.

The most popular features continue to be fire pits, which have become more like fire features, and traditional full-size fireplaces which anchor the outdoor space.

He especially enjoys creating covered patio complexes where metal, wood and stone are used together. These spaces can include barbeques with full dining and seating areas, creating a private retreat in the woods for family relaxation.

The living spaces in the homes he builds are specifically designed to enhance the health and well-being of the people who visit and live there… a tranquil setting, surrounded by trees, for relaxing and breathing in fresh air.

Look no further for luxury, comfort, and lasting family memories.

Brock’s Team