Why We Build Custom Homes

Transforming Dreams Into Reality

Builders are, by necessity, inventive and practical people who thrive on turning raw materials into functional structures. Our goal is to identify the nature of your vision, formulate the method of construction, and transform it into reality.

In other words, we live to interpret your custom home plans, strategize how to effectively manage the project, and then build it to the highest levels of excellence. This is why we go to work every day.

We apply the highest level of attention and transparency to every project, large or small. Clients are pleased to discover how scale and budget-conscientious our cost analysis, estimating, and project scheduling are. We take as much pride in accurate estimates as we do solving complex construction problems.

The talent, artistry, and passion we put into construction culminates in a tangible reward: An extraordinary custom home built to accommodate your dreams, family, personality, and lifestyle.

Your vision, transformed into reality.



Our Collaborative Method for Success

Partnership of Shared Visions

Building a custom home begins and ends with you and your vision to create a one-of-a-kind home that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Brock establishes a relationship with you that relies on effective communication. The dynamic team approach that he employs nurtures a sense of inclusion for each member, ensuring success for the design and details of your home plus the cost of materials, services, and products that go into it.

He enjoys exceptional partnerships with architects, designers, contractors, suppliers, plus financial and insurance professionals in order to provide you with a rewarding, stress-free experience.

Utilizing “The Brock Process”, he’s now building even more extraordinary homes. His team collaborates long before actual construction, they remain committed to the successful completion of each home, and provide ongoing support long after the keys are handed over.

It’s not about concrete, walls, and fixtures. It’s about creating a special place where families live, gather, grow, and share their lives together.


Building with Talented and Dedicated Teams

Visionaries, Artisans, Craftsmen

Brock’s passion for building extraordinary homes has deep roots…he’s the son and grandson of builders. “I get up every morning excited about building custom homes,” says Brock. “I love working with my clients to create their vision of a home for their family and friends—on time and on budget.”

He graduated in 1990 with degrees in Construction Management and Business Administration / Real Estate and has since managed projects ranging from production home neighborhoods to custom homes exceeding 9,900 square feet. The project management and superintendent teams look to him as a mentor and leader.

He makes the managing of details a priority. “Anyone can build a house, but we work hard every day to stay on the leading edge with our Process, looking for the best new products and focusing on the design plan from the beginning to make sure the client gets what they want, within the budget they have set,” Brock says. “I really like to be involved with clients, creating a personal relationship with them and their project. It is my job to make them aware of all the options available to them.”

But more than all the efficient project scheduling, cost-analysis and vendor relations, Brock’s passion remains focused on the desires and needs of the client and their family. He sees his role as a facilitator to create beautiful, functional homes that “will last for a hundred years,” bringing family members of different generations together and building new family memories that will last a lifetime.

Brock direct: 425-830-8529
Email: Brock@BrockSmithCustomHomes.com


Brock Smith